Domestic Cleaning

Imagine coming home to your freshly-cleaned home and being able to relax and enjoy doing the things you love without having your nose and skin irritated by harsh chemicals:-

  • Your home is thoroughly cleaned (monthly, fortnightly, or weekly)
  • Your family is healthier because germs and infection are destroyed
  • Easy to entertain because your house is regularly cleaned
  • Have confidence that things do not just ‘look clean’, they are clean
  • Seasonal and Once-off Cleaning Available
  • Focus on building relationships not doing chores
  • Your Home Will be Cleaner Than Ever, AND You’ll Be Protecting the Environment As Well! Learn More…


Commercial Cleaning

The state of your office says a lot about your professionalism … and it also affects the health and motivation of your staff. We believe your cleaners should clean, not your staff:-

  • Our enzyme-based, eco-friendly cleaning products minimise allergies and ensure ultimate hygiene
  • Your offices will be cleaned to your specifications 6 nights per week
  • Detailed systems and processes ensure quality and consistency
  • Never worry about finding dust or ring-marks again
  • Reduce staff sickness and cross-infection
  • Improve Staff Productivity and Client Perception by Having an Impeccable Office! Learn More…


Medical Cleaning

Our immaculate attention to detail means that your staff and patients are protected from infection and you will pass health inspections with flying colours:-

  • Impeccable hygiene
  • Clearly documented cleaning systems
  • All staff specially trained in medical cleaning requirements
  • Colour-coded microfibre cloths washed at 95º after every use
  • Fully insured
  • Health & safety certified
  • Your Clinic or Facility Cleaning is Designed to Meet Your Requirements! Learn More…


Real Estate & Property Managers Cleaning

Whether you are preparing a home for sale, needing a thorough clean between tenants, or a home-owner or tenant wanting your home cleaned on an occasional basis, we can help:-

  • Flexible timing - we come when you need us
  • Systems in place that ensure we clean thoroughly and efficiently
  • Only pay cleaners when you need them - no ongoing contract
  • We report any problems we discover in tenanted properties
  • No need to worry about the state of the property on Open Days
  • Spotless house sells faster, and attracts a better price
  • Confidence that the property will be immaculate!



You Have Enough to Worry About … Let Nature’s Angels Take Care of Your Cleaning!

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